Cello Services

Performance Services

Recording SeS Canalrvices and Live Shows:
Whether it be rock, folk, pop or classical, Sascha has had extensive recording experience. Sascha has recorded in a full spectrum of settings, from home recordings to major studios.  She’s done sessions for NBC, Rhino Records and the recording artists Ashanti and Joanna Newsom. (Check out her selected discography here). She’s performed with with country artist Clay Walker at Carnegie Hall, Peter Gabriel, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Broadway star Idina Menzel, and has played live shows at many venues across NYC and Kansas City. With a full recording studio in her home, and access to a pro audio engineer around the clock (she’s married to recording engineer Patrick Thomas), recordings can be done fast and affordably. For rates and info, please contact Sascha. For more information on our home studio, Hyde Out Studio, check out www.kcrecording.com

Need a professional cellist for a classical event such as a recording, church service, concert or an orchestral work? Sascha also owns a Baroque cello and bow for period performances.  Find out more about Sascha Groschang’s formal cello training, including her resume and classical repertoire list.

Wedding Music, Light Classical and other Special Occasions:
Cello and Piano Duos are an excellent alternative to the classic string ensemble.

Cello Duo Arrangements:
For standard cello pieces by Sascha Groschang!  Great for teaching the intermediate level cellist when there’s no access to a pianist.


Have questions? Feel free to contact Sascha for more detailed information.